Metagoofil: A tool for search public documents

Metagoofil is a script coded by Christian Martorella for information gathering and collecting documents (pdf, doc, docx, xls, odp, ppt, pptx, xlsx) from a site that google index them. There is also a regex tool for pulling out emails in documents.
Here is metagoofil packaging link for Debian based distros:

Metagoofil debian
Run metagoofil in ubuntu or debian.

How can I install Metagoofil on Debian/Ubuntu?

cd ~ && git clone && cd ~/metagoofil

Metagoofil version 2.2 written in python 2 so we run it by this version of python:


Usage: metagoofil options
-d: domain to search -t: filetype to download (pdf,doc,xls,ppt,odp,ods,docx,xlsx,pptx) -l: limit of results to search (default 200) -h: work with documents in directory (use "yes" for local analysis) -n: limit of files to download -o: working directory (location to save downloaded files) -f: output file

So if you want to search MIT university you just run bellow command:

python -d -t pdf -l 2000 -n 50 -f index.html -o docsdir

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